Critical Interdisciplinary Course on Children's Rights (CICCR)
Summer School
 in the framework of Human Rights for Development (HR4DEV)

The 2016 Critical Interdisciplinary Course on Children’s Rights (CICCR) took place from 28 August to 9 September 2016, in Ghent, Belgium.


  • CICCR mapped the potential and limits of a children’s rights approach towards global and local issues concerning the human rights of children.


  • In 2016, CICCR thematically focused on children’s rights governance between the local and the global.
  • Key themes included: potential and limits of various academic disciplines in understanding children’s rights – contextualizing children’s rights – children’s rights topics at the intersection of local and global – global challenges to children’s rights in a local context – critical approaches to children’s rights in policy and practice

Target group

  • CICCR targets 'leaders of the future' in interdisciplinary human and children’s rights practice, policy and academia from the global South and North. 

Looking back

  • Click here to read the HR4DEV 2015 evaluation report (transitional justice), and here to read about participants' experience of HR4DEV 2014 (children's rights)! The course report of the 2016 edition will be available in a few months. Keep an eye on this website!