Flanders, i.e. the Dutch-speaking northern region of Belgium, hosts a lot of expertise in children’s rights. This expertise is pooled in the Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre (in Dutch Kenniscentrum Kinderrechten, abbreviated as KeKi).
KeKi aims to gather, make available, disseminate and stimulate knowledge on children’s rights. The centre’s activities are based on academic research from a variety of disciplines.
KeKi adopts a critical-emancipatory approach towards children’s rights. This implies that the basic principles of the concept of children’s rights are examined and its possibilities and limitations explored (critical). Children’s rights are also seen as a potential lever to change the social relations in our society towards more human dignity for children and young people (emancipatory).
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Executive Committee: Ms. Sara Lembrechts (Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre) – Dr. Didier Reynaert (University College Ghent) – Prof. dr. Wouter Vandenhole (University of Antwerp) – Mrs. Kathy Vlieghe (Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre)