Outcomes and impact

What participants can gain from the CICCR:

  • Personal development: knowledge, expertise and critical approaches regarding children’s rights;
  • Establish and elaborate a network of professionals from all regions of the world;
  • Follow-up: on-going sharing of information and cooperation between different participants and their respective institutions;
  • Guidance on how to expand research and teaching in the area of children’s rights.


In an individual assignment, participants are asked to explain what they experienced as the impact of the programme on their professional work. A selection of these papers is published in the HR4DEV course report (here you find the course reports of HR4DEV 2014, HR4DEV 2012, IICCR 2010 and IICCR 2008).

Alumni network

The course organisers set up an Alumni Network and Linked-In Group, which provides opportunities for future communication, friendship and involvement with participants of different editions from all over the world (here you find the alumni report of HR4DEV 2012, IICCR 2010 and IICCR 2008).